Can you buy art and save the planet?

We believe that human kind will come together and save this planet from environmental destruction.... Eventually.

In the mean time, we worry, "What sort of collateral damage may occur? How many species will be lost forever, BEFORE this happens?"   It is said that animal and plant species are going extinct at the rate of 100-200 every day.  This is an alarming rate!

In 2002 The Mountain Gorilla was down to as few as 250 individuals . The incredible efforts being made in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo have brought the count to 800.  Virunga  National Park is one of the very few protected wildlife refuges in Africa of reasonable size. Most are smaller than Golden Gate park in San Francisco and are next to or in urban environments. 

The money donated is earmarked for the salaries of the park rangers. We are happy to have partnered with the the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo through Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, California. Happy Hollow is an an amazing institution in a compact size that has received the highest international acclaim for it's dedication to environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation.  Rather than going through a traditional NGO, every penny of the money donated by Empire of Light from your purchases goes directly to where it is needed most - to the salaries of 5 brave dedicated park rangers who patrol the park and protect it from poachers. The work is dangerous. The rangers have to carry semi-automatic riffles every day. With your support, they can continue to do their work and feed their families.


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