8" Tai Loi Wind Gong on High C Stand - "The Tai Loi Desktop Gong Combo"

8" Tai Loi Wind Gong on High C Stand - "The Tai Loi Desktop Gong Combo"

Gongs Unlimited

$ 69.00

Yes, it comes with a gong mallet and a gong stand!

The gong is 8" in diameter!

The measurements of the stand are 15" high, 11" at its widest, and 10" deep at the feet!

The Chinese Tai Loi Symbols--which have been translated as "Out with the Bad, In with the Good" or more poetically, "Happiness Has Arrived" have been placed on Large Gongs made in China, Taiwan--a.k.a. the other China that the original China says is not the other China, Germany, and elsewhere... but so often the Tai Loi has been on large gongs that are unaffordable to many, or even if affordable, they are too expensive to give as a delightful gift!

Well, the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited decided that everyone needs more happiness, and we all need it to arrive more frequently.

What's wrong with a little happiness arriving?!

Absolutely nothing. So we made a small gong with this symbol.

It is the little miracles, the small kindnesses that do a heart and a soul good in the midst of difficult, sad or lonely times.

Not everything needs to be 32" of many thousand-dollar happiness! Sometimes a small wind gong with a bit of happiness will change the tide of darkness in your friend's life, or yours.

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