8" Tai Loi Gong on Pretty Chill Wood Stand - "Happiness has Arrived"

8" Tai Loi Gong on Pretty Chill Wood Stand - "Happiness has Arrived"

Gongs Unlimited

$ 85.00

Yes, this gorgeous item comes with the gong, gong mallet and gong stand!

Gong is 8" in diameter
Gong Stand Measurements:
13.5" high
13" wide
3.125" deep at base

The Chinese Tai Loi Symbols--which have been literally translated as "Out with the Bad, In with the Good" or more poetically, "Happiness Has Arrived" have been placed on Large Gongs made in China, Taiwan--a.k.a. the other China that the original China says is not the other China and Germany, and elsewhere...

However, for many moons, the Tai Loi symbols have been on large gongs that are unaffordable to many of us, or even if affordable, they were still too expensive to give as a delightful gift to your delightful friends!

Well, us Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited decided that everyone needs more happiness, and we all need it to arrive more frequently.

So we made a small gong with this symbol. The logo done by Gongs Unlimited is put on by a special process, printed using UV light. It is not silk-screened and is therefore much more secure. You can not rub it off.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is an echo of a Torii, a traditional Japanese gate often found at the entrance of Shinto shrine. The Torii marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is easily placed in the spot which most increases the sense of flow in any room. Wherever your flow spot may be, the Pretty Chill stand is ready to slide in there and get to work.


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